New Year, New Blog

Thirty-five years sounds like enough time has passed that something new should occur in one’s life—a career shift, a lifestyle change, or maybe something smaller like a new hairstyle, a different look, or possibly even a new blog. This past year leading up to my personal holiday (today), I have achieved them all except for the new blog…until now! The quarter-life crisis has been overcome, now it is time for some sort of third-life renaissance. After vacillating over this decision for months, the pros have outweighed the cons and The Vickylicious has come to fruition. For those that have been following my Instagram page (, this site will be much more in depth than just pictures with hash tags. Here, the hash tags and images will actually be explained so you won’t think my mind is as muddled as each waffle (#) I throw up. Since my brain isn’t syrup just yet and I can still write coherently and form rational thought, please enjoy my ramblings, discoveries, experiments and the miscellany that compile my life.


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