Say Goodbye to My Little Friends


Yup, that’s right. After being on “Team Natural” for practically my entire life, I’m crossing over to the dark side today and getting a Brazilian keratin treatment. I have always loved the feeling and the look of straight hair whenever I decided to do some manual labor with the flat iron; straight hair always made me feel more put-together, polished, grownup, sleek, chic and sophisticated. My curls have always garnered comments like,  “Oh, you’re so cute!” “Your curls are aDORable!” Getting your [face] cheeks pinched at the not-so-tender age of 35 is not cute. I’m over it.

So here I go, off to take the plunge at the salon to have someone make me over into the adult people so often forget I am. I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time, but now that it has arrived, I’m getting cold feet!


When my hair looks like it does above, I’m happy as a lark. However on most days, I look like Einstein with a jerry curl; not a good look. Yet going “all the way” has me feeling hesitant. A girl like me likes having options and variety!

Oh well, on with the adventure (because a girl like me loves those, too)…

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