Sneak Peek


Thanks to a massive Sephora haul, I will be doing a lot of reviews in the near future. I’m a skin junkie; flawlessly done foundation and concealer are my joys.

When it comes to makeup, I focus on skin, lashes and lips. Although I love eye looks, I have yet to find products that stay put on my lids; these greasy eyelids of mine have vanquished every waterproof, smudge-proof, budge-proof, longwear claim on the market (and yes, I’ve tried a slew of primers as well). I will never give up my quest, however,  because I long to wear a winged eyeliner look that doesn’t turn me into a sad panda within one hour. Until that blessed day comes, I will keep trying to perfect my “skin, lips and lashes” looks.

Never fear, readers; you will see all of my hits–and major misses–documented here for your entertainment.

I wonder which bottle of magic I will pull out of my goody box first!  Stay tuned 🙂


As some of you may have seen on my Instagram page (Thevickylicious), I put up a little teaser pic up to show what little experiment took place in my bathroom tonight.


While deep conditioning my hair, I decided to try tinting my eyebrows during my wait. With a box of Bigen #59 (their most popular color) and my beat-up old Clinique free gift brow brush/lash comb, I hoped for the best.


After washing everything out 20 minutes later, the mirror told me my experiment wasn’t for naught. It worked, and I now have groomed-looking eyebrows! You can’t even see all of my new growth (a.k.a. procrastination and laziness).


Mission accomplished, my flat and round face now has added dimension…without makeup!  Now all I have to see is how long this effect lasts. Thanks, Bigen.

The Little Jar That Could

Hormonal? Stressed? Acneic? Say hello to my little friend! With a full belly and tired eyes from hours of tv watching and magazine/book reading, some nights I look in the mirror after washing my face to see, horror of horrors, a pimple (or two, or three, or several)! What to do, what to do?

Have no fear, sulfur ointment is here! I stumbled upon this little jar of wonder a few months ago while browsing my favorite at 2:00AM, my usual shopping time. Although it’s been around for years and people have been using sulfur to treat a multitude of skin and health/body issues, it never occurred to me to try it.  Thank the skin gods I did! I’m a believer, I tell you, a BELIEVER. I haven’t had any major breakouts since I’ve been using this, but if I see a bumpy road on the horizon I nip it before it even has a chance. This ointment has been a skin saver, a lifesaver even.

The icing on the cake? It’s cheap!


If you have problem skin, I suggest you look into this treatment. It might help you like it helped me. If not, have no fear; I’ll be posting other skin savers in the future.