The Little Jar That Could

Hormonal? Stressed? Acneic? Say hello to my little friend! With a full belly and tired eyes from hours of tv watching and magazine/book reading, some nights I look in the mirror after washing my face to see, horror of horrors, a pimple (or two, or three, or several)! What to do, what to do?

Have no fear, sulfur ointment is here! I stumbled upon this little jar of wonder a few months ago while browsing my favorite at 2:00AM, my usual shopping time. Although it’s been around for years and people have been using sulfur to treat a multitude of skin and health/body issues, it never occurred to me to try it.  Thank the skin gods I did! I’m a believer, I tell you, a BELIEVER. I haven’t had any major breakouts since I’ve been using this, but if I see a bumpy road on the horizon I nip it before it even has a chance. This ointment has been a skin saver, a lifesaver even.

The icing on the cake? It’s cheap!


If you have problem skin, I suggest you look into this treatment. It might help you like it helped me. If not, have no fear; I’ll be posting other skin savers in the future.